S1E22 | Why Your T-Shirt Brand is Missing the Mark! (And How to Fix It!)

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S1E22 | Why Your T-Shirt Brand is Missing the Mark! (And How to Fix It!)

Cover 📸 Credit: Passports and Purpose, Courtney Underwood 

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The T-shirt business or e-commerce t-shirt brand is growing and some may even say a “saturated” industry.

I know there’s a lot of y’all out there selling t-shirts as the main product for your brand.  But remember this month, we going deep in on brand strategy.

What’s the plan for your brand when it comes to selling t-shirts or even products on your e-commerce store?

How can you make sure your audience or customer are getting an awesome experience or even feel like they’re a part of your t-shirt brand?

Hmmm…something to think about right? I can guarantee you very few t-shirt brands or e-commerce businesses are thinking about this.

The brands that are thinking, and most importantly, doing this are the ones you may know about or are successful in their own niche.

And Courtney Underwood of Passports and Purpose is doing just that.

She’s built an awesome t-shirt brand that has international recognition and growing steadily even making her way into local boutiques across the nation.

In this episode, Courtney spills all the tea about how she was able to build her e-commerce t-shirt brand to a successful business and give golden gems on how to make sure your e-commerce brand, specifically your t-shirt brand isn’t missing the mark to grow successfully.

If you’re thinking about starting a t-shirt brand or even have some t-shirts as products for your brand, you’ll definitely want to tune into this one.

The Biggest Takeaways from This Episode

  • Make sure your brand or t-shirt brand is intentional.
  • You know your t-shirt brand is effective if a potential customer will hunt you down to find out more about your t-shirt.
  • Think about how your customer perceives what is popular as it relates to your brand. Don’t just do popular t-shirt designs because you think it will sell.
  • Consistent branding and marketing are very important for an e-commerce brand.

Resources from This Episode

A Flava Note

Thank you so much for listening and reading I truly appreciate it.  I started this podcast because I’ve had so much to say and share about branding, especially as it concerns cultural branding for Women of Color. Also, I want to feature women of color whose brands are just starting in the entrepreneurial game but are rockin’ it out with their brands.

If you enjoyed this episode and my podcast in general, I would dance at your wedding if you can hit me up with an honest review and rating on Anchor,  iTunes, Spotify, –whichever one you use to listen. It will help more women of color discover the show but also helps me know that I’m helping you as well.

If you’re a woman of color or a person who adores our Flava and you’re interested in being a guest on my podcast, hit me up at brandyaflava.com/podcast

Thank you again!

Lauren V | Brand Ya Flava

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