You’se human before the brand! Orgin Book Review Part I S1E2

Jun 8, 2018Brand Ya Flava Podcast

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You’se Human Before the Brand!

Brand Ya Flava Podcast Season 1: Episode 2


De Back Story

There’s a serious issue when it comes to us as entrepreneurs and business owners, it seems like we forget the one thing that makes us who we are.  But there’s more. We seem to forget how to use this in building our brands!  It’s the one thing that makes a brand stand out more than others.

This is especially apparent and important this week as the design world and entrepreneur world got the sad news that iconic designer (fashion and other mediums) Kate Spade committed suicide this week. I had another episode planned for this week. But I really feel this one is much more needed for us in business.

✨✨✨Keep in mind: I know everybody and their mama has been talking about checking in on their loved folk and suicide prevention and all of that. And that’s fine, I know everyone has their best interest in helping others or those who may be living in emotional turmoil or pain. But this podcast episode ain’t that angle!  This is a completely different perspective as it relates to business, branding, belief, and life. So just keep an open mind. 

✨✨✨ New Note: Now I’ve learned of Anthony Bourdain’s passing by suicide. I’m in shock.  Twice in one week. There are enough people and care-providers out there on their soapbox talking about suicide prevention and taking care of depression and anxiety.  I’m ain’t one of dem folk.  This episode I hope to really hone in on what’s behind the brand and the legacy that makes the brand. I really hope its inspiring for you.  

In this week’s episode, I’ll share my thoughts on the book Origin by Dan Brown AND how this book gave me a new self-awareness and business awareness about branding and branding design!

De Nitty Gritty of the Episode

In my recreational reading,  I read a historical mystery novel by Dan Brown called, Origin.  In this book, the main character, Robert Langdon, gets caught up again in a fast-paced chase to release some mind-shattering information based on scientific research sending the entire world into a new wave of thinking and life.

#judgemenot #judgeJudyifyawanna I LOVEEEEEEE me a Dan Brown book. I’ve been reading Dan Brown books since Deception Point, since Digital Fortress… when DaVinci Code was the ripple that created a tsunami.

Anyhoo,  so I was legit excited to get my ears on this book. And for me, it did not disappoint. I enjoyed putting together all of the clues to the ‘whodunit’ mystery. But that wasn’t the big eye-opener for me.

The biggest eye-opener was gaining a HUGE appreciation for The Creator/God/Isness/The Source and creation, creativity and how it makes me and us human.

And from there, it brought a new awareness of truly what branding is. I understood the deepness and vastness of what God has provided us.

It’s something that I’m grateful for and every day I’m grateful for.  Remember at the end of the day, you’se human before the brand.

You are someone’s heart, love, hopes, and dreams.

And when you create or serve something to someone -- you are giving a grain of sand of your love, hopes, and dreams. When they receive it, they are taking in the DNA of your humanity. -Lauren V. | Brand Ya Flava Share on X

Thanks for tuning in and I’ll check you on the next episode.

Lauren V | Brand Ya Flava

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