Tha Book | The Black Woman's Guide to Branding Your Business

By Lauren Varlack 

Brand Ya Flava: The Black Woman’s Guide to Branding Your Business

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Branding Success 

The only branding business resource for you, the Black woman entrepreneur, is a must-have business guide to assist you in understanding the importance of creating a brand that directly represents your special personality. This book goes into detail, offering seven brand archetypes or ‘Flavas’ showing you how to use the power of you to design a brand that attracts the awesome audience you are looking for so you can live your best life and change the world. This debut guide breaks ALL the rules in business branding –consider this book your branding bible!

Instructional Branding Designer. Consultant & Author

Lauren Varlack

I’m a branding designer, strategist, author and educator for the Brand Ya Flava movement, an entrepreneurial movement for Black women entrepreneurs to use their own cultural aesthetic and personality within their brand messaging and visual brand identities for their business. 

With the Brand Ya Flava Facebook Group of over 700 women and growing, my mission is to change the mindset and ideologies of how Black people throughout the diaspora, especially Black women,  are portrayed in business media and how our story is told through business branding. 

Read more about me and my mission below.  


“Trust yourself. Think for yourself. Act for yourself. Speak for yourself. Be yourself. Imitation is suicide.”

– Marva Collins

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  • Gain freedom and pride in being all of you in your Blackness without apology!
  •  Grow your audience to love you and pay you like the Bee Hive loves Bey.
  •  Create an online and offline brand that captures your melenated magic and special personality to slay your audience.  
  •  Branding yourself easily and quickly with 7 Brand personality models that dig deep into who are –especially all of your Black glory!
  •  Feel confident, free and clear about your brand’s direction and purpose!

Coming Soon!

Coming Aug 2018

Brand Ya Flava University & Branding Resources

Full Branding Courses & Business Branding Resources

Brand Flava U is your learning community with robust, interactive courses, workbooks, and branding resources from brand messaging to designing your website, templates that reflect your special Brand Flava™ and a vibrant membership community to support you in building your awesome brand! Join the Brand Flava U waitlist to get your branding on the right track! 

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