About Brand Ya Flava

Learn more about Brand Ya Flava and discover your power of your personality and your expertise in building an impactful brand.  Brand Ya Flava has a mission dedicated empower you to be yourself, brand yourself and live your destiny!

What is Brand Ya Flava?

“If I lost control of the business I’d lose myself–or at least the ability to be myself. Owning myself is a way to be myself.”  -Oprah Winfrey 

What does Brand Ya Flava Do?

Hey Flavalistas, I’m Lauren! I create, teach and consult on brand messaging, strategy and design for Black women entrepreneurs who are ready to be culturally authentic in their brands with a powerful message that will change the world.

My goal for Brand Ya Flava is through helping you understand the power within your story and culture, you will find the spark that will create a message, attract your tribe, and therefore build a movement that will make your business impactful and profitable.

branding ya flava saves you…

Time From Countless Hours of Designing Yourself

You’ve probably thought that chucking your computer straight into the wall was better than tirelessly working your fingers and brain away trying to create the ‘perfect’ social media post or creating a landing page for your website.  MyBrand Ya Flava- Flava Formula™ will help you save tons of time by having a fully branded identity that represents your brand’s personality and messaging already, so all you have to do focus on what you best–be yourself!

Tons of Money to Designers Who Don't See Your Vision

How many times you’ve paid designers, only to have your pocket be bled dry with no-shows, bad communication or they just don’t get your vision at all. Brand Ya Flava: Flava Formulas™ eliminates this problem by easily selecting your own colors, fonts, and graphics or select professionally curated templates that fully represent your brand without the need of shelling out tons of money or hiring tons of designers to get your brand right.

Total Brand Confusion and Procrastination

Yep, you’re probably staring at your computer screen wondering if your business’ branding or your website will magically appear and look amazing for your audience right?  Well, look how you are blessed because my Brand Ya Flava system helps you understand your message, easily create a visually stunning brand identity and designing an exciting customer experience journey start to finish.  Yep, no more confusion or procrastination.  Go ahead and shout… “Won’t He Do It!”
Your story and your cultural essence are powerful! You can create a business to live your best life! Find out how below.

Who is Lauren?

Hey I’m Lauren, an instructional branding designer, strategist and educator for Brand Ya Flava, an entrepreneurial movement for Black women entrepreneurs to use their own cultural aesthetic and personality within their branding and visual branding for their business.  I  have a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications in Digital Design as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences with a concentration in Secondary Education. I have  used the Brand Ya Flava System to create authentically branded businesses for over ten years and currently uses this system to provide valuable knowledge and strategies to many women solopreneurs. My popular quiz, Brand Ya Flava, found on brandyaflava.com has thousands of women entrepreneurs own their sparkling personality, using their expertise to teach others and brand themselves and live their biggest dreams.

What household chore do you secretly enjoy?
Between washing dishes or cleaning my rooms… yes even the bathroom. I turn on my music and I go to town. And any excuse to dance is good for me.
Beef Pate or Saltfish & Dumplings...
That’s a very evil choice to give someone… I despise it.  😆 Any Caribbean person knows that’s NOT a choice to make.
What was your very first job?
Oh man I was a food service worker during the summer for the summer camps.

That’s the fancy word for saying a lunch lady. SMH

I didn’t have the hair net though.. I would make sure I stacked the lunches together and make sure the count was right for the transport to summer camps.

What was your worst haircut / hairstyle of all time?
I got the asymetrical cut like Salt-N-Pepa did. Who send me? Why? Why didn’t anyone tell me this would have been so hard to maintain?

I think I just wanted to know what it felt like to have my hair shave down bald.

All I remember is when the relaxer in my hair grew out with that hairstyle.. it was nothing pretty.  Le sigh😓

What’s your guiltiest of guilty pleasures?
Listen… there’s a song by Destra called “Lucy”. Go listen to it. When it comes down to soca and ‘whinin’ up me waist or a wuk-up’ to some soca… yeah the rachet takes full force.

Jouvert (joo-vey) is another story… that one is real *ahem -cough cough* …  You’ll have to read my book to know about that one.