S1E17 | Why Giving a Good Customer Experience will Change Your Brand Forever!

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S1E17 | Why Giving a Good Customer Experience will Change Your Brand Forever!

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Do you remember the day you got your very first customer? Girl! How did it feel? I’m sure you were over the freakin’ moon with excitement and happiness, right? Someone actually felt your product or service will help them and they trusted YOU! Yassss!

And then when the excitement wears off and you’re done with your private celebration of wine, Netflix and all the flavored popcorn you could get, you jump to realize you have to ship off this thing or provide the service.

But what happens next?

Do you just say, “Damn, I got get these products shipped out today”! Or do you start right away on providing the service?

Many articles focus on marketing and branding, but the Brand Ya Flava philosophy believes branding is the entire experience beginning to forever and ever, Amen.

In this episode, I go into some key factors, examples and short stories of why giving a good customer experience will change your brand forever!

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The Biggest Takeaways from This Episode

  1. Most articles, experts and books focus on marketing, trying to get your audience to the door. But what happens after they come in?
  2. 70% of your brand’s focus should be on providing a good customer experience. 30% is getting them to the door.
  3. Giving a good customer experience isn’t just for your customer; it’s a direct representation of YOU and your brand! #comethrough #listenlinda!

Resources from This Episode

A Flava Note

Thank you so much for listening and reading I truly appreciate it.  I started this podcast because I’ve had so much to say and share about branding, especially as it concerns cultural branding for Women of Color. Also, I want to feature women of color whose brands are just starting in the entrepreneurial game but are rockin’ it out with their brands.

If you enjoyed this episode and my podcast in general, I would dance at your wedding if you can hit me up with an honest review and rating on Anchor,  iTunes, Spotify, –whichever one you use to listen. It will help more women of color discover the show but also helps me know that I’m helping you as well.

If you’re a woman of color or a person who adores our Flava and you’re interested in being a guest on my podcast, hit me up at brandyaflava.com/podcast

Thank you again!

Lauren V | Brand Ya Flava

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