S1E12 | 3 Reasons Why You Need a Brand Strategy!

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S1E12 | 3 Reasons Why You Need a Brand Strategy!

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You’re probably posting on every possible social media spot you can think of and grinding and hustling your heart out for your business only to see nobody but your Momma and dem give you a like or heart just because you’re her baby girl, right?

Then it starts….


You feel like you gotta do more and put out more. You start going in circles think about what you need to and want to do.  Plus, everybody is asking what’s for dinner and you have laundry to finish, plus your son is doing some rag-tag foolishness for his homework assignment… UGGGGGH!!!

Yep, you get overwhelmed and scattered.

There’s a reason why you’re feeling overwhelmed, scattered and don’t think your business is working out Sis. It’s because you’re overthinking the process and you don’t have a clear brand strategy.

Plus with EVERYTHING else YOU have to do in your life, your business should NOT be the one to stress you out.  This is your heart song; the activity in your life you would with your eyes closed.

So why you stressed in it Lady?

In today’s episode, I run down the 3 reasons why you need a brand strategy in your business ASAP so you can fully enjoy the journey of building your business again and attract loyal buyers to your brand!

 The Biggest Takeaways from This Episode

  1. A strategy is simply a plan of action towards a goal. The same way you plan your week, kids lunches for school, your to-dos at your 9-to-5, you’ll need to do the same for your business.
  2. If you’re just educating with no goal to direct your audience to, they will be lost and scattered; just like what you’re feeling now. Get them to a goal!
  3. Having a plan of action for your brand helps you to plan how to market it – you’ll know what you’ll need to create for promotion and education of your products/services.

Resources from This Episode

A Flava Note

Thank you so much for listening and reading I truly appreciate it.  I started this podcast because I’ve had so much to say and share about branding, especially as it concerns cultural branding for Women of Color. Also, I want to feature women of color whose brands are just starting in the entrepreneurial game but are rockin’ it out with their brands.

If you enjoyed this episode and my podcast in general, I would dance at your wedding if you can hit me up with an honest review and rating on Anchor,  iTunes, Spotify, –whichever one you use to listen. It will help more women of color discover the show but also helps me know that I’m helping you as well.

If you’re a woman of color or a person who adores our Flava and you’re interested in being a guest on my podcast, hit me up at lauren@brandyaflava.com.

Thank you again!

Lauren V | Brand Ya Flava

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