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Firestarter | Brand Ya Flava

You’re the one who uses your expertise to light a fire under your friends’ behinds to get them to take action on their goals and dreams. Click below to find out more about your firey edupreneur Brand Flava!

Natural Mystic | Brand Ya Flava

You have a passion to know our world and beyond and may have a keen sixth sense where you use this to teach others about our world and how to care for it. Click below to find out more about your visionary Brand Flava!

Glamorous One | Brand Ya Flava

You have a passion and drive to show your best self and be your very best self every single day. But,  your biggest hope and dreams are that others see the beauty within themselves as well by your lessons and motivation. Click below to find out more about your confident Brand Flava!

Queen Elegance | Brand Ya Flava

You have a vast amount of knowledge, skills and wisdom, and you can use it effectively to gain trust and loyalty among your audience and transform them into admirable students. Click below to find out more about your admirable Brand Flava!

Rebel Gyal | Brand Ya Flava

You are the one to take traditional ideas and turn them upside down just because you can and give no apologies for it, then you turn around and teach what you discovered to others. Click below to find out more about your liberated Brand Flava!

Soul Sista | Brand Ya Flava

Soul Sista, you are friendly, optimistic, and always there to check in to see if the ones you care about are doing well and you use your expertise to genuinely help others be more fulfilled in life. Click below to find out more about your loving Brand Flava!

Homegirl Honey | Brand Ya Flava

Homegirl Honey, you’ve got all the details on everything and anything that is happening in your community and online and you find a way to inform and teach others how to be the change they seek. Click below find out more about your Changemaker Brand Flava!