Based on your results, you are the Natural Mystic or The Visionary Edupreneur! 

You have a passion to know our world and beyond and may have a keen sixth sense where you use this to teach others about our world and how to care for it. Keep reading and find out more about your Brand Flava!

Your Personality

You learn and follow things may be considered unconventional, mystical or otherwise known as “woo-woo”. You’re quite intuitive, and empath and you more than likely have paranormal talents or experiences that are beyond our physical senses. You are known to feel the energies of the earth, people (living or passed), or animals. You also are considered a healer.

Your Brand Potential

Your main goal in life is to heal the living —the earth, people, animals and this may be through natural means and also to inform of the para-living or universal living. You want others to know more about the worlds that exist outside of our physical senses and how it can help in our need for healing and growth. This passion comes easy for you because it feels innate to you and you use this keen sense of knowledge and wisdom to help others in need.

Strengths of a Natural Mystic


When it comes to your skill-set, Natural Mystic, it seems like you know about everything. Your skill-set is so wide-spread that you can pick and choose how you can serve others in this world. You may have several businesses under your belt –but there’s some that pay the bills and there’s one or two that’s your heart for helping others.


When you dream, you dream big! I mean really, really big.  Most of the time, you may keep your dreams to yourself because you feel they are so out-of-this-world big that people may wonder if you’re really human sometimes. Deep within your spirit, you know the grand dreams you have will shake and shift the world to new ideas and perspectives.


You are highly intelligent and your intellect comes from  anywhere you can get it.  You consume a lot of information daily. Right now you probably have 10 books and about 8 tabs open with articles on your computer. You always find time to gain info for your spirit through meditation, journaling, prayer or other spiritual mediums.

Your Teaching Style 

Teaching and learning has changed in over 100 years, yet some of the same ideas are being used to teach and train students.  For example, learning styles have significantly changed because of the inventions of social media and other mediums that keep us engaged. Most of us are audio-visual learners because we digest information via social media, blogs, video and other mediums. 

In this section, listen to this short audio class about you can use your teaching style to captivate your audience and have better engagement with your community. 

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Natural Mystic IG Stories Share | Brand Ya Flava
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