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Firestarter | Brand Ya Flava
Based on your results, you are the fiery, passionate Sista known as the FireStarter!  You don’t take no for an answer and you’re the one who lights fire under your friends’ behinds to get them out of the clouds dreaming and back to earth to make them happen. Keep reading find out more about your Brand Flava!

Who You Are

You start your days, each and every day, taking action on the next big idea you have in your head or you’re probably out motivating someone to move on their biggest dreams. You’re not one to sit on an idea for too long. Having your ideas sit in your head means it gets lost among the other things you want to accomplish. Your main goal in life is creating a legacy of a leader by making bold moves and effective decisions helping to improve the world.


You try to find the quickest, most efficient way to get your projects done –many times they are not done by you specifically. You also have a knack for finding great people who believe in your movement and thus you become the leader amongst leaders.  Your greatest brand potential comes from your ability to see leadership in others and inspire them to take swift action on their ambitions.

Strengths of a Firestarter


You have relentless persistence for going after your dreams and you will achieve what you want come hell or high water.  Your unwavering drive to be successful in life and business automatically draws people to you wanting to know how to get that ‘get-up and go’ you have so easily.



You are quite confident in your thoughts and ideas. You usually stand firm on your values and your beliefs unless presented with clear evidence or an unshakeable experience. Your confidence in your experiences and knowledge allows you to share your thoughts with others easily to inspire and motivate others.


You are certainly one to think of innovative ways to motivate people to be better and do better. Your strategies may come off very assertive and you may get frustrated when others don’t see the potential of life as you see it, but giving your audience small steps at a time and an understanding of a long-term goal helps to convert your followers into the leaders you want them to be.

Firestarter Flava Tips

Flava Your Messaging

Yes, FireStarter! We know you’re always the one on Facebook on your bully pulpit getting folks rockin’ and rolling to do some stuff and stop talkin’ about it, right? Yeah, we know you are the Trailblazer of Change, but what is the biggest thing you’re seeking to change? Find out how to Flava Your Message below to attract your crew!

Put the Fire in Firestarter!

There’s so much more to know about your Firestarter persona and how you can harness your #blackgirlmagic to be a phenom in your business.  Click below to get more insight into how you can use your expertise, personality and wisdom to build a brand with my book Brand Ya Flava: The Black Women’s Guide to Branding Your Business!