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Based on your results, you are Queen Elegance, the Source of Sagacity! You have great knowledge and you know how to use it effectively to gain trust and loyalty among your audience. Keep reading find out more about your Brand Flava!


Queen Elegance, you let the world know and understand you have dignity and respect. Your circle and sphere of influence are grand and you let it be known that you are one to make sure that anyone who is around you will live in great success. You are used to the finer things in life, and you know it wasn’t handed on a silver platter. You worked hard to get to this status of life and you enjoy every minute of it.


Your purpose in life is to be an influencer of a prosperous community or group you lead. Your mission entails showing a magnitude of self-confidence, luxury, and power. You are able to exercise your power and knowledge to help change things in your community.  You are the purveyor of power helping others to understand how their knowledge can enhance the world to be better – just remember your trials and tribulations are great lessons of wisdom for many to learn from.

Strengths of a Queen Elegance


You have a vast amount of knowledge and it comes from what you learned from school. Of course, you do Queen Elegance.  More importantly, your wisdom comes from your experiences. Your experiences with life’s tribulations are so deep that when you share your life’s journey, people are naturally in awe and inspired by your walk. Through your wisdom, they are comforted to know they can make it through this world with pride and dignity just like you did.


Queen Elegance, you’ve already had an established brand or reputation about you. People who surround you know that you have a level of sophistication and elegance about you that lets them know you are highly important. Your very essence commands and demands attention and respect. When you speak, people stop what they are doing to listen!  But, it’s not because you are being loud and demanding. It’s because when you speak, you share your wisdom in order to help people live a fulfilled life.


You are highly appreciated and admired because of the leadership that people see in you and what you put out into your community. You provide support and value to your community through sharing your resources, networks, and wisdom to help your community thrive to the success you know it is and can become. When others speak of you, they hold you in high esteem. Also, your name is well known for your diligence and grace.

Brand Ya Flava Queen Elegance Tips

Flava Your Messaging

Hey Queen Elegance, you have a great wealth of knowledge and respect. Also, your circle and sphere of influence is quite large. So, how can you take your personality to put forth your message to your village?  Find out how to Flava your message below to attract your village.


Flava Your Strategy

You are highly respected and admired Queen Elegance, and your audience is seeking to know much more about you. Are your ready for it Queen? Here are some tips for you, Queen Elegance, to share your wisdom in ways that instantly connect with your audience and will also help to grow your brand. Find out more below.


Deliver Ya Design

Color can invoke deep feelings and emotions, get some ideas as the Queen Elegance of how you can communicate feelings of luxury, wisdom, and prestige from your just your unique color scheme. Find out more below!

Are You Ready To Catapult Your Brand?

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