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Glamorous One | Brand Ya Flava

Based on your results, you are the Glamorous One, a Sista Supreme Motivator! You have a passion and drive to show your best self and be your very best self every single day. But,  your biggest hope and dreams are that others see the beauty within themselves as well by your lessons and motivation. Keep reading find out more about your Brand Flava!

Who You Are

You are confident in your beauty and love to work with others who appreciate the finer things in life as well as the energy of life that makes one attractive and beautiful. You may have a tendency to want to be in the spotlight or even be an entertainer. This would be your way of letting others see you for all your beauty and inspiring others they too can feel beautiful, sexy and wonderful too.


Your main purpose in your brand is to teach and motivate  others to feel love for themselves and others by appreciating their physical and emotional being. You are the messenger of helping others understand their own beauty, confidence and embracing their own style. You SLAY every single day and astound others with your unwavering confidence – just remember your beauty comes from within as well.

Strengths of a Glamorous One


You are quite caring and loving towards those you care about. This is what makes you so irresistible to others because of the warmth that you pour out to others –not to mention you’re already gorgeous! You are absolutely devoted to your audience and followers to make sure you give them the best of you at all times.


Where ever you go, your presence walks into the room before you do. This is because of the level of self-confidence you have about you. Your self-confidence becomes catching and others come to you asking how they can be, feel and look just like you. You know you can really get a face ‘beat to the Gwads’ and your outfit ‘snatched’, but deep down you know the magic potion for your slay is self-confidence.


Culture is formed from your next level of beauty. Your walk, talk, and spirit are alluring – this is the beauty to make men drool and women wish for that level of finesse. Your beauty is natural because it comes from within and radiates outwardly. Where ever you go, you walk commanding the room with subtle authority and with each step you leave an intoxicating smell of melenated magic.

Brand Ya Flava Glamorous One Tips

Flava Your Messaging

Ooh Glamorous One,  you are always looking your best and feeling your absolute best! Let’s learn how you can take what you know and create a community of people who are looking to ‘slay the Gwads’ just as much as you do!

Bring Out the Beauty of Your Brand!

There’s so much more to know about your Glamorous One persona and how you can harness your #blackgirlmagic to be a phenom in your business.  Click below to buy my book, Brand Ya Flava: The Black Woman’s Guide to Branding Your Business and learn how you can spread the beauty of your glamorous brand, build your tribe and create your destiny!