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Based on your results, you are the rule breaker and the inventor of ingenuity, the Rebel Gyal.  You are the one to take traditional ideas and turn them upside down just because you can and give no apologies for it. Keep reading find out more about your liberated Brand Flava!


You are the giver of no damns. And for you, rules are meant to be broken at which you gladly do without a second thought. You are a creative savant and a rebel. You challenge the status quo in various ways because you think the world would be a bit boring if people continue to think like robots. You are one to promote individuality and independence and freedom of artistic, innate expression in whatever form it may come in.


Your main purpose is the expression of yourself in many ways as possible. You also have the zeal in helping others understand how to express themselves authentically in whatever form it may be. You are the curator of creativity and your focus for your audience is showing the world exactly who you are and who they are in all ways of communication that are known.

Strengths of a Rebel Gyal



There’s no topic on the earth and beyond that doesn’t intrigue you. Everything is grounds for exploration because you just love a good story or uncovering something unknown is the wonder and awe that you crave. You’ve learned how to use your zeal for learning to intrigue others and you know how to deliver it in ways that make your audience filled with wonderment and excitement.


Apparently, those around you think your rebellious nature is a bad thing — you wear your rebellion as a badge of honor and pride.  You feel special because when everyone goes left, you go 360 degrees in a different direction. You know that in order for the world to thrive, questions have to be asked and thoughts have to be challenged. You enjoy the freedom that comes with being revolutionary.


You see everything –and yes EVERYTHING—as a work of art or design. You admire the details of many things—natural and manufactured–and you try to figure out how you can create something from what has inspired you within your specialty. People are in awe and completely inspired by your creativity. They wonder how you are able to come up with ideas – you know it’s not all you but the divinity that dwells within you.

Brand Ya Flava Rebel Gyal Tips

Flava Your Messaging

Hey Rebel Gyal, you are super creative and also a free-sprit. Also, you’re known to go against the grain and totally outside the box. So, how can you take your personality to put forth your message to your tribe?  Find out how to Flava your message below to attract your peeps.


Flava Your Strategy

Rebel Gyal, you are so creative that your ideas are out, about and all over the place. You may begin to feel overwhelmed by everything you want to do or trying to accomplish. But guess what? There’s a way to get your brand flowing with your creativity and also reel in those ideas to make your brand consistent and organized. Find out more by watching this tip.

Flava Your Design

Color can invoke deep feelings and emotions, get some ideas as the Rebel Gyal of how you can communicate feelings of fun, freedom, and creativity from your just your unique color scheme.  Check out more below!

Are You Ready To Catapult Your Brand?

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