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You are the Homegirl Honey!

Based on your results, you are the Pioneer of the Trendy, the Homegirl Honey!  You got all the deets on everything and anything that is happening in your community and online. Keep reading find out more about your Brand Flava!


Somehow and somewhere, you are able to find out damn near everything going on in this world. When it comes to social media or new apps dealing with creating connections within the internet streets, you are a savant.  You’ve been able to connect with others on such a level that you become a resource magnet and usually your Sista-crew’s daily news medium. She doesn’t believe anything on the inter-webs until she asks you if it’s true or not. You are the voice of the voiceless and you take pride in making sure you speak with conviction.


Nine times out of ten, you got the deets on a subject and can break it down in plain Black dialect that we all can understand. This is why you are such a prominent figure in our community. You have the ability to get into all of the socio-political mumbo-jumbo and make sure we are fully aware of how big decisions are affecting us. sure you speak with conviction. You are our friend even though you never met us in person because you always make sure we are taken care of.

Strengths of a Homegirl Honey



Let’s just call you the social queen because wherever there are people, especially our own communing, you are there giving the fact, figures and everything in between. You are more likely to be found in social gatherings in your community because you like to have your hand on the pulse of knowing what’s going on in your community. You’ve probably even hosted your own events from time to time when you’re not traveling somewhere to experience a new culture and its people.


Down-to-earth and hands-on describe your strengths because you are determined to be as grounded as possible to let your community or tribe know you got them. Any information that may seem like gibberish or close to Charlie Brown’s teacher, especially the techy stuff, you are able to break it down to so good that people think you’re about to spit bars.  We listen to you because you are connected to the community and you are 110% authentic without question 24/7.


Somewhere in this universe, someone of y’all Homegirl Honey’s is thinking of how they can flip something they read, seen in their travels or had a conversation about that will shift our cultural trends once again. You have a million and five ideas in your head of how we can change various problems to make it more profitable or trendy to attract others to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Brand Ya Flava Homegirl Honey Tips

Flava Your Messaging

Hey Homegirl Honey! As the trendsetter of the trendy, you got all the deets on everything and anything that is happening in your community and online. Find out how to you can maximize your message to move the masses below!


Flava Your Strategy

Homegirl Honey, we’re going talk about some tips and ideas on ways you can utilize your social skills to organize your content so that you won’t feel scattered and remain consistent with your branding. Find out more below!


Deliver Ya Design

Color can invoke deep feelings and emotions, get some ideas as the Homegirl Honey of how you can communicate feelings of friendliness, sensibility, and honesty from your just your unique color scheme. Check out more below!


Are You Ready To Catapult Your Brand?

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