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You are the Soul Sista!

Based on your results, you are the Liberator of Love, the Soul Sista! You are friendly, optimistic, and always there to check in to see if the ones you care about are doing well.  Keep reading below to find out more about your Brand Flava!


You always give your time or energy whenever someone needs you. In your heart and soul, everyone needs to feel loved and understood. You are the one to provide a soft shoulder to lean on when we are feeling at our lowest point in life. This comes naturally to you and without a second thought. People come directly to you for advice because they know you will listen with an open heart and warm hugs.


Your main purpose is to create and spread happiness through caring and guidance for others in all aspects of their life, especially in their emotional and spiritual life.  You strive to be positive and trustworthy while giving of yourself through service of others. You are the giver of grace and you focus on your audience with all of your heart and soul; pouring love and support into them until they are a flowing energy of happiness to spread to others.

Strengths of a Soul Sista


You are very considerate of others and have a tendency to put others needs before your own. You do this because you have a need to see others doing well and feeling their best.  You are the one to check in with a friend, whip up some food that would have you “sanging” like Patti or even have a bottle of wine and movies ready when we’re feeling down and out. You know how to tap into our emotions and find special ways to help us through our trials.


You are the shining ray of light that we all aspire to live towards.  You may be going through hell and high water, but you have the hope of a thousand life preservers to make it out of your situation.  Your positive outlook on life helps you to move towards your destiny and you have the ability to help others see the possibilities in life as well. You are the one who knows how to concoct the sweetest, most refreshing cocktail when life hands us the lemons.


You have the ability to tap into the emotions of others and understand what they are feeling. With this gift, you have are the ability to see the soul of others with an open mind and optimistic view of change for a fulfilled life.  Your gift of empathy is strong and deep you are able to read people’s emotions without them having to say a word; they may not even have body communication either. It’s something innate for you.

Brand Ya Flava Soul Sista Tips

Flava Your Messaging

Hey Soul Sista! Your personality embodies the love and support we all look for from a good friend. But how can you take who you are and use it to build your brand? Find out by watching this quick tip on delivering your message below.

Flava Your Strategy

Soul Sista, you give so much of your love and you are so generous that you never consider having your love and generous support reciprocated back to you for your business. In this video, learn some quick tips on how you can receive the love too from your audience from content you create consistently.

Flava Your Design

Color can invoke deep feelings and emotions, get some ideas as the Soul Sista of how you can communicate feelings of love, generosity, and compassion just from your unique color scheme.

Are You Ready To Catapult Your Brand?

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