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What I Do

Flava Chats

You have questions about branding or course design from A to Z? Confused about how to get started designing your brand or course? Schedule a Flava Chat and you can drop ALL the concerns you have about what’s bugging you about your branding or course design and get expert advice and actionable steps to get you started.  Flava Chats are only $50

Flava Checks

Sometimes your branding or course may feel or be a little blah or bland. You may need to give it a little pep or flava but you don’t know where or how to spice it up to make it an impactful learning experience. This is where a Flava Check can help. Allow me to comb through your brand or course in great detail and then offer you a video recorded analysis of how you can level up your branding or course design to offer the best learning experience possible. Flava Checks are only $200.   

Brand Ya Flava Design Services

If you don’t have the time to develop your personal expertise brand? Let me help you figure out the best design for your branding from its messaging, strategy and visual identity so your brand is seen and felt by your audience as polished, engaging and ready to do business.  Your consultation is $50.00

Brand Ya Course Design Services

Courses aren’t easy to build if you’re looking for engaging, learning students who experience a valid transformation from your lesson. If you’re sick and tired of spinning the hamster wheel figuring out how to get your course started and engaged with learners, let me help you build and design your course for a maxium learning experience. Your consultation is $50.  

How It Works 

Step 1- Book The Session You Need!

Fill out the form below to schedule which service best represents what you need. Need some time to just chat about what you need for your brand or course? Schedule a Flava Chat. If you love getting hands-on with designing your brand or course but need me to guide you through the process, schedule your Live Flava Lesson. If you don’t have the time nor the patience do create your brand or course, schedule consult to see how we can get you started on designing your brand or course. 


Step 2- Receive Personalized Services

After your booking and completing your questionnaire, you will be sent information for the specific services you will need to reach your personal education brand goals. You will be sent information to schedule your time to discuss your specific needs for desiging your brand or course with measurable action steps to make sure your branding or course is effective and completed.  


Step 3-Book Follow-Up Sessions

Implenting your action steps can be a daunting task and you shouldn’t be left hanging to try to figure it all out.  In your follow up sessions, you can book your time where I personally check in with you and provide direct, actionable instructions to maintain the success of your branding  and course development.