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Life Coach MBA

Life Coach MBA is a course created by Natisha Willis of Natisha Willis International, LLC. The concept of the brand manifested in merging Afro-centric artistry and symbolism to create a brand identity that symbolizes Natisha’s mission of telling the story of our past to create a business of helping our communities of the future.



Brand Messaging, Identity, and Strategy



“The worth of a business is not in the money; it’s in the legacy and the impact it makes on its community.”

Lauren Varlack  | Brand Ya Flava Book


Prior to Life Coach MBA, Natisha needed someone to fix a planner idea she created. This was around 2015.  Her planner was a great idea, but the layout and design needed some TLC.  Somehow my name came up as a suggestion because of my knowledge in stationery design and from there I created her first planner and brand identity. We shared the same ideology in terms of branding and marketing and our business relationship blossomed from there.  Natisha’s brand, #Coachyadamnself and Life Coach MBA are the prime example of a FireStarter Brand Flava.

In all of her branding, her message communicates warmth by fiery passion and direct action within our communities for coaches and consultants.  Her brand identity, branded products, and services also showcase her success with using the Brand Flava persona system to deliver her message to the masses. With a fully developed brand style guide detailing her brand and her Brand Flava, she was able to provide exceptional onboarding instructions her team to execute all marketing collateral with precision, style, and a great brand message.

Natisha’s branding directly reflects her values and style of Afrocentric art, spirituality and knowledge. The Life Coach MBA logo represents the Sankofa bird and Phoenix that rose from the ashes.  The creation of the logo was used to reflect her manifesto of looking back on the past, learning from it  and rising from the ashes to benefit our communities and the world through profitable busineses.


Other Recent Works

And that’s not all. There are seven Brand Flava personas within the Brand Ya Flava System.  Click on the images below to see more examples of my work and also the Brand Ya Flava system in full effect.


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